Sauna / Soaks

Aromatherapy Foot Salt Soak

Choose from a variety of aromatherapy infused salts while soaking your feet in a relaxing leather massage chair.

  • Single Session: $29
  • Added to Any Other Service: $19

Ionic Foot Detoxification

An Ionic foot detoxification immerses your feet in a small basin of water equipped with a device emitting a low electrical current into the water. It sends positively charged ions throughout the body. The ions attach to negatively charged toxins, neutraliz- ing and discarding them through over 2,000 pores in the feet.

  • Single Session: $39
  • Added to Any Other Service: $29

Infrared Sauna Session

An infrared sauna elevates your core tempera- ture dilating the capillaries, arterioles, and venues’. During this deep heating process your muscles, joints, and soft tissue experience relief and healing. Boosted blood circulation carries off metabolic waste products, transporting oxygen rich blood to depleted muscles and joints

  • Single Session: $29
  • Added to Any Other Service: $19


Infrared Sauna: Pregnancy, Breastfeeding

Ionic Foot Detoxification: Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, Pacemaker

Aromatherapy Foot Salt Soak: None


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